Advanced Courses

Advanced courses

After you have put all of the methods taught on the first course into practice and as your business gains momentum and customer base, you are always welcome to return for advanced training.

These can be for 1 day top up sessions to 5 days focussing on advanced techniques.

On your return we will look at the current quality of your business. If you have any problems they can be quickly corrected and we can work to give your business another big push forward by including new, fresh ideas with advanced training techniques specifically tailored for your business needs.

The course could focus on points selected by you – we can completely tailor the course to your requirements if you would like.

Or you can select a pre-designed advanced course:

   4 to 5 day Return advanced courses: If you have completed one of our courses you are very welcome to come back for a advanced course in alloys or bumper plastics : These return advanced courses have had fantastic results and have been designed to move your business forward and will speed up your repair process, maintaining  quality with a new skill set and increasing your production.
   Vehicle body repair :

Our latest 1 to 1 bodywork 5 day course. This advanced course is ideally suited for our trainees that have already completed one of our bumper paint and repair courses and now looking for an advanced course to move their business to the next level.

This fantastic course will take you from understanding how metal moves on impact, to how to return with high quality repair methods, covering traditional panel beating techniques, how to control and repair larger dents and finish with filler as required , using the latest dent pulling equipment available for the mobile repairer. Please ask for course details.

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Trainee- Matt Hales . 5 day advanced vehicle body repair course