Q – I am a complete novice, will I be able to do this?

Yes! You will find this is a craft based skill set, all you need to be is comfortable working with your hands, e.g. good at DIY, an eye for shapes and angles, and a love for cars! And leave the rest to me; I have excellent results.

Q – How much do your courses cost?

The first question should be not how much, but ask what is covered and will I get the training needed to start a business – see the individual courses pages for information on all of my courses.

Course Prices – please contact.
2 hour trial
5 day alloy and colour change course
5 day 2 to 1 courses for friends and family
5 day Bumper and paint course

All my courses are VAT free.

Remember my price is for 1 to 1 personal training (apart from the new 2 to 1 course, giving you an opportunity to train with a friend or family member), this is not group class room based training.

Q – How many trainees are on my course?

(Apart from the 2 to 1,  5 day course, which gives you an opportunity to train with a friend or family member in preparation to going into business together) Just you! Importantly you will not be held back by other trainees in a group, and we are able to push forwards as far as possible up from novice level, quickly into advanced repair techniques. You will learn every aspect and step required to give you the ability and knowledge to carry out the best high quality repairs.

Q – What makes your training so different from the rest?

I specialise in 1 to 1 training in order to achieve excellent consistent results. All courses are focused on the highest quality professional repairs, tailored for your new mobile or static business.

Each course has been carefully developed to include my 40 years experience in all aspects of repair and paint, giving information to allow you to repair small to worst case severe damages, in an easily understandable way.

You will benefit by working outside in a smart repair training van, learning how to deal with all weather conditions – and not in a warm classroom!

You will learn every aspect of preparation, repair and paint in water base and solvent, how to run the business effectively and professionally, and you will be completely hands on each day.

Oh and all this without all the corporate bull, hard sell, putting bums on seats, just honesty from day one – a refreshing change, I know!  You will also learn that the most important piece of equipment is you!

Q – Where are you?…That seems a long way from me

I am based in Deal, in Kent, if you are looking for quality training and you want the correct results, it’s definitely worth the journey.  I have had the privilege of training trainees from all over the world, the furthest to date trainees flying in from western Australia and new Zealand!!

Q – How do I book?

I always like to talk to trainees first to check if the course is ok for them, and because of the 1 to 1 training dates do get booked up quickly.
I will email you dates; check availability, a deposit is required to secure your dates, confirmation is sent, and balance is to be paid at the start of the course or per day as you prefer.

Contact:          Email: streetsmartuk@talktalk.net          Mobile: 07715 334664

Q – How much time do I spend training each day?

We start at 9.00 am.  To get the most from your course it is important for you to spend all day with me – we usually stop for a quick sandwich and lunch ,for half an hour and then back  work as lots to do! . The end of the day we finish when I am happy you have covered and achieved the daily programme – so that can be from 5.30 to 6.00 or occasionally a later finishing time.

Q – Do I need a certificate to operate my business?

No, there are defiantly no legal requirements to operate a smart repair business or certification that you require or will be asked for.

As I said earlier this is a craft based skill set, no amount of waving a certificate in front of a dealer will get you work.  It’s very simple – if you cannot achieve the quality of repair you won’t be asked back again!

Quality, reliability, competitive prices are the keys to any business and all these things we can offer.

That’s were I come in, we train and practice to the top level of quality insuring repeat work from your customers.